The Drowsy Laments Of Modern Mothers

They probably should have thought of this before having kids. In a poll conducted for Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America (which markets various sleep aids), 54 percent of mothers said they don’t get enough sleep. Among those who work full time, 59 percent said so. Sixty-five percent of mothers think they’d be happier if they got more sleep; 52 percent believe they’d be better parents. Aside from their shortage of sack time, mothers “are often kept up thinking about the next day’s ‘to-dos’ (36 percent), stressing about the family’s finances (25 percent) or worrying about family issues (24 percent).” Meanwhile, a survey commissioned by the Better Sleep Council asked Americans to cite the best investment they could make to boost their health and happiness. The “runaway winner,” says the council, was a new mattress. The organization is a nonprofit arm of—you’ll never guess—the mattress industry.