Drop And Give Me 20

If long hours at work mean that the most physical activity you get is on the trip from your desk to the candy machine or in speed-typing business letters, PEx Personalized Exercise may offer the incentive to flex more than your fingers or jaw muscles.
The New York fitness studio is sponsoring a “Search for the Fittest Ad Executive,” in which agency entrants will face off with Jana Angelakis, founder and trainer at PEx.
Angelakis reports that those accepting the challenge will be asked to perform such feats as “the copywriter stomach crunch, jump rope jingle, leg launch and media moguls.”
Winners will receive training sessions at the studio. And whether agency folks enter, Angelakis believes they have little excuse not to get in shape: “Since many agencies have summer hours, executives have more personal time and the opportunity to work on themselves a bit.” -Matt Surman