Drawing New Yorkers to Fairfield

The Coastal Fairfield County Convention & Visitors Bureau has replaced the cartoon characters featured in past ads with pretty pictures in a new effort from Genova & Partners in Greenwich, Conn.
Dubbed the “Colors of Fairfield County,” the six-figure print campaign showcases southern Connecticut’s natural beauty and attractions. The tagline: “New England, only a whole lot closer.”
A lot of people–especially New Yorkers–don’t think of Fairfield County as a destination, said Genova president Richard Rapp. “We’re trying to change that,” he said. “There’s a huge diversity [here], lots of beaches, dining places and theaters. We want to show them we have everything that New England has, only closer.”
One execution shows an autumn lake, with body copy reading, “Blue sky meets blue water. Blue herons chase blue fiddler crabs. Bluefish feed in warm, blue-green estuaries of the Sound. Is it any wonder why even a short stay here chases the blues away?”
Ads will run in spring issues of Better Homes & Gardens, Coastal Living, Colonial Homes, Yankee Magazine’s travel guide and Country Home.
Fairfield County’s last campaign–created by McLaughlin DelVecchio & Casey in New Haven, Conn.–used cartoon figures to lighten the mood, said Lynne Black, director of communications for the Coastal Fairfield County CVB. “Recently, we said, ‘We have an absolutely beautiful area. Why aren’t we showing it?'”