DR Creative Tool Debuts From mOne

NEW YORK WPP Group’s mOne Worldwide said it has automated the process of placing the best-performing creative units for direct-response campaigns.

Called mEuclid, the software program rotates creative placements for campaigns to show those units most likely to elicit a customer response. Typically, mEuclid deals with six or more pieces of creative. The company found in tests it increased response rates 10-15 percent compared to media planners making creative-placement decisions and changes on their own.

“It’s a way of taking the existing creative you’ve got and reallocating the placement of the advertising to get the best return,” said Gerard Broussard, director of media analytics at New York-based mOne.

The system is similar to optimization technologies used by ad networks like Advertising.com, which place creative on a network of sites based on prior performance.

Ameritrade is the first mOne client to use mEuclid.