DoubleClick Combines Display, Search Platforms

NEW YORK DoubleClick introduced DART Search, a marketing management and tracking tool that allows agencies to monitor their search and display Web ad campaigns together.

The search-tracking tool is built from DoubleClick’s acquisition of Performics in May 2004. DoubleClick has integrated the platform, which can be used to manage keyword bids and track results with DART for Advertisers, the system many advertisers and agencies use to monitor their display Web media campaigns.

“We’ve seen agencies typically are managing them separately,” said Dave Fall, senior director of product management at New York-based DoubleClick. “There’s a need to integrate the data at a higher level to give a better snapshot of what’s going on with the integration paid search and display” advertising.

DART Search tracks results from the major search engines, including Google and Yahoo, allowing agencies a single view of their different search campaigns, which Fall said would cut down on errors from agencies’ manually comparing engines with different reporting methods.

DoubleClick launched the DART Search tool in Europe a year ago, and is beginning in North America with 14 agency clients, including MPG’s Media Contacts and Publicis Groupe’s SMG Acceleration.