Double Stuf Oreo “Office Challenge”

What’s more disturbing, Donald Trump challenging Eli and Peyton Manning to a “lick race,” or seeing “Double Trump?” In this Draftfcb spot introducing Golden Double Stuf Oreo cookies, Trump tells the reigning champions of Oreo Double Stuf Racing about his rejected bid to buy the league. Not willing to be defeated, Trump challenges the pair to a lick race. The football players try to deflate the Don’s confidence and point out the fact that he has no playing partner. Trump presses a hidden button on his desk and a wall behind him spins around to reveal SNL comedian Darrell Hammond outfitted as the business mogul. Will the suits beat the athletes, or will the league remain open to all Oreo fans? The drama continues through the end of the year and culminates with a live “lick-off” event in January. –Eleftheria Parpis