Dot-com Looks Beyond Midwest

Educational Web site company wwwrrr, Minneapolis, doesn’t think Midwest agencies have enough experience with the dot-com business model and is looking to the coasts for a shop to handle its $7 million ad account.
Todd Walker, vice president of business partner development for the company, said wwwrrr is considering only shops in New York and California because those agencies are more familiar with the company’s business model. “They’ve dealt with a number of dot-coms and companies like ours,” he said.
Walker said he has spoken with a number of agencies on the East Coast and plans to contact West Coast shops this week. He declined to name contenders.
Wwwrrr (pronounced: Whir), which was founded last year, takes its name from combining the World Wide Web with the three “R”s of education, Walker ex-plained. The company provides an Internet link be-tween schools and homes, he said.
The company provides Internet training and curricula to subscribers through its Web site, The site is also designed to accommodate e-commerce, although that’s not yet part of the mix, Walker said.
Walker said he expects to have the review wrapped up by the end of June. The company wants to break a print and television consumer campaign in the fall, he said. K