Don’t Swat That Fly on the Wall

The Wallpaper Council has taken it message to the airwaves with a TV spot created by Pagano Schenck & Kay here.
Agency chairman and creative director Woody Kay called the 30-second commercial, which broke on the Home & Garden cable station, a “preliminary volley” that teases a broader print and broadcast campaign breaking early next year.
The spot opens to a woman tidying up her living room. When she hears a fly buzzing, she grabs a swatter and smashes family photos and china in an attempt to kill the bug. The woman stops when the creature lands on the wallpaper. There is no tagline; the ad ends with “Wallpaper. Visit your local retailer.”
“There’s a lot of before-and-after demonstration on the [Home & Garden] network and we wanted to stand out from the clutter,” explained Kay. “And it looked like a network that needed lightening up.”
Women ages 25 to 50 are the primary targets, although “we are trying to appeal to a younger audience as well,” Kay added.
Pagano last spring broke the New York-based trade association’s first campaign, a print effort that used before-and-after comparisons. The tagline: “Nothing brings a room together like wallpaper.” The client spent $2.5 million on advertising during the first half of this year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.