dolan’s BIO

n 53 years old.

n President, chief operating officer of Y&R Inc. Becomes chairman and CEO of Y&R Group this fall, after the WPP deal closes. Joined Y&R in 1996 as vice chairman and chief financial officer.

n Former president and CEO of Snack Ventures Europe, a joint venture between PepsiCo Foods International and General Mills. Before that, he was svp, worldwide operations for PepsiCo. Joined Pepsi in 1991.

n Was corporate executive vice president of the Continental Can Co. subsidiary of Peter Kiewet Sons, 1987-91, and partner, strategy practice at Booz Allen & Hamilton, 1985-87. Began his career at J.P. Morgan.

n Holds a Ph.D. in medieval literature from Cornell University, an M.B.A. from Columbia University and a B.A. from Fordham University.

n Married with two children. Lives in Manhattan. Enjoys snowboarding.

n His dream jobs: “I’d love to be a reporter.
I think that’s a cool thing to do. Or a prosecuting attorney. Because I love
Law & Order.”

n Another CEO he admires: Mike Jordan,
formerly of CBS: “He has a really terrific strategic sense, combined with the practicalities of how to make it happen.”

n On competing with
public companies: “It’s really Darwinian, you know? And in a very
good sense.