Dmb&B Breaks Gm, Gateway Ads

D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles’ office here recently completed new campaigns for General Motors and Gateway computers.
A new TV, print and radio direct response campaign for GM breaks this week in support of the Detroit automaker’s new consumer marketing initiative, “GM BuyPower.” The BuyPower program offers consumers a better way to shop for a GM car at their convenience–allowing them to research cars, find local dealerships and get competitive pricing information through a toll-free phone number or the Internet.
The TV campaign consists of three 30-second spots featuring people going about their everyday activities. One spot, “Home,” shows outdoor scenes from the city and country as a voiceover says, “These are some of our newest showrooms.” The 800 number or the Internet address is given at the end of each spot. The tagline is, “Things just got easier.”
The ads, scheduled to break in California, Washington, Idaho and Oregon, will roll out to the rest of the U.S. depending on the success of the program. The BuyPower program is a continuation of GM’s Value Pricing and Value Selling programs, for which DMB&B has also created ads.
Three new 30-second TV spots for Gateway, set to roll out over the next few weeks, continue an image campaign that DMB&B began earlier this year. Each spot uses the North Sioux City, S.D.-based company’s trademark, the Holstein cow.
The tagline is, “Gateway to the rescue,” and ads include the company’s 800 number.