Discovery Sues Amazon Over Kindle

NEW YORK Discovery Communications is suing, claiming the online retailer’s popular electronic book reader the Kindle employs a Discovery-patented technology.

The suit contends that in the 1990s Discovery founder John S. Hendricks had developed technology designed to enable the secure selling of books via digital platforms. That technology was patented in November 2007, says Discovery — the same month that Amazon released the first version of the Kindle.

That product, along with the recently released Kindle 2, allows consumers to purchase and store hundreds of books via a hand-held digital reading device.

Discovery believes that Amazon owes some of its Kindle success to Hendricks and his company.

“The Kindle and Kindle 2 are important and popular content delivery systems,” said Joseph A. LaSala Jr., general counsel of Discovery. “We believe they infringe our intellectual property rights, and that we are entitled to fair compensation.”