Discover Boating Charts Ad Course

Independent Minneapolis agency Olson said it has added Discover Boating following a review.

The agency will launch a national consumer push touting recreational boating in the U.S. and Canada.

A mix of traditional and new media outreach with strong direct components are on tap for the trade organization, which promotes the sport as a year-round leisure activity.

Spending was not disclosed and Nielsen recorded no measurable ad outlay for the client this year or last. Efforts of this type have typically seen budgets in excess of $10 million.

Carl Blackwell, CMO of Discover Boating, said Olson’s ability to build broad-based community support for brands was a key reason the agency was selected for the assignment.

This marks the first major new business score for Olson since its June acquisition of loyalty marketing firm Denali. The shop will tap into that expanded expertise for Discover.

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