Digital Pulp Picks New Leader

Lee Nadler, a top executive at interactive advertising network DoubleClick, will leave that company to become president and chief executive officer of Digital Pulp, a two-year-old agency that focuses on off- and online branding for Web-based clients.
Steven Saks and Bruce Goodman, cofounders of the New York shop, had been looking for a CEO for six months so they could shed some of their operational responsibilities. In the new structure, Saks becomes chief creative director and Goodman chief Web architect.
Nadler, 31, will also have another title that is something of a carryover from his DoubleClick role: “lead sherpa.” He was director of global marketing/marketing sherpa at DoubleClick; his role since joining the company in 1996 was to develop a brand strategy and help build international operations.
He feels the quirky “guide” title is fitting for a company looking to build brands in cyberspace: “We’re really looking to work with those companies and brand them from the inside out.” Digital Pulp recently developed a marketing strategy for software marketer, including creation of a Web site. That client recently closed its stores in favor of online sales. Digital Pulp also works with DoubleClick, eToys and Levi Strauss Direct Canada, among others.
Nadler also has traditional above- and below-the-line experience. He worked on Snapple and Citibank at Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners and was also at WPP Group sales promotion firm Einson Freeman.
DoubleClick has yet to decide how it will restructure its marketing operations.