Diet Dr Pepper “Unbelievale”

There’s a support group for everything these days, so why not one for all those characters that are suffering from “I don’t exist” syndrome? This animated Diet Dr Pepper spot from Deutsch/LA is set in the middle of one such gathering, where Santa Claus is griping about busting his hump crawling down chimneys to deliver presents every year. A Diet Dr Pepper rep pipes in sympathetically, “People still don’t  believe.” Santa, the Easter Bunny (here looking kind of drunk), an alien and Big Foot laugh at the soda guy’s goal of convincing folks that a diet soda can be satisfying. “Good luck with that one, bud,” Santa quips. Presented in the stop-motion style of classic holiday specials, the spot has a certain stop-the-fast-forwarding appeal, but once you do you find yourself in overly familiar territory. Although you don’t often see a Santa with a bit of bite, too many brands have hitched their “unbelievable” product or deal to fabled creatures like unicorns and leprechauns — and even more have relied on the goodwill drawn from memories of those childhood favorites by replicating the Rankin/Bass style. I appreciated the one character that doesn’t say a thing the most: the purple alien, who looks at the Dr Pepper guy like he’s the one from another planet. –Eleftheria Parpis