Dialing for Burgers

Hold the line! A new spot from Sprint Local Telecommunica-tions makes an unusual connection between fast-food dining and phone services–from cell phones to cheeseburgers–to promote the rollout of Sprint Solutions, a service that bundles local and long-distance services.
The point is to knock the way that other carriers sell their services separately.
The ad (shown here), from McCann-Erickson in New York, portrays a hassle-filled world where we see a man order a burger piecemeal. He drives into a “Burger Rama” for the meat, “Just Buns” for the buns, “Cheese Please,” “Pickle Stop,” and separate stands for ketchup and mustard. The burger lover finally pulls over to sink his teeth into his hard-won meal and a dollop of ketchup falls into his lap. He tries to hail a passing “Mr. Napkin” truck.
An unbelievable scenario? According to Steve Ohler, senior vp, creative director at McCann, a TV news chopper passed over the location during production and mistook the “Burger Bun” for the real thing. “He reported that traffic in New Jersey was backed-up to the “Burger Bun,” said Ohler. –Richard Linnett