DG Systems Intros Digital Spot Delivery

DALLAS DG Systems has launched DG Online, the digital media provider’s third pathway for delivering audio spots to radio stations, the company said.

DG Online joins the company’s established telecommunications network and compact disc overnight distribution service. With this third installment, DG Online represents the advertising industry’s first three-way audio distribution system, the company said.

“By providing three concurrent delivery options, we are making the DG network as seamless as possible, no matter what a customer or partner’s technology preference might be,” said Scott Ginsburg, chairman and CEO of DG Systems.

DG Online’s capabilities allow advertisers and broadcasters to download audio spots to any personal computer connected to the Internet, said Ginsburg. He added that the service also provides faster delivery times, real-time access to spots, spot archiving and retrieval options, and an improved ability to track ads.

Based in Irving, Texas, DG’s network reaches more than 5,000 advertisers and agencies and nearly 8,700 broadcast television, cable system and radio destinations.