Deutsch’s Big Event

Deutsch’s campaign supporting the reopening of Ikea’s flagship store in Elizabeth, N.J., had all the elements of a packaged goods ad from the 1950s: bright colors, corny music, overstated claims.
The results, however–unprecedented sales and attendance–were nothing to laugh at.
Sales jumped 35 percent and store traffic rose 53 percent during the grand unveiling a few weeks ago, according to the New York agency. Although the store is twice as large as before, advance advertising played a role in drawing customers.
In addition to a 30-second TV spot, Deutsch created bus posters (a long tube of “Ikea” toothpaste labeled “Jumbo size” and “New & Improved”), newspaper ads and a radio spot. The kitschy campaign even had a disposable tagline: “It’s bigger. It’s better.”
The initial weekend attracted shoppers by the busload, who lined up outside the megastore an hour before it opened. Deutsch account director Catherine Sherring, account supervisor Suzanne Price and media supervisor David Pektas were also on hand to direct shoppers to home furnishings and the childrens’ playroom.
–Andrew McMains