Deutsch to Revise Domino’s Ads

Domino’s Pizza and its agency Deutsch are revisiting the 7-month-old Bad Andy campaign, and considering new concepts that don’t feature the monkey puppet.

Agency chief Donny Deutsch said the Andy character would not disappear but would evolve, adding that other concepts are un-der discussion because Domino’s “is a retail and heavily promotional account. We’re always working on ideas.” The current campaign is tagged: “Bad Andy. Good pizza.”

Deutsch broke a spot last week in which Bad Andy was repositioned less as a foil for the chain’s zealous pizza makers and more as a communicator. In the ad for Domino’s breadsticks snack, Andy shows that Cinnastix are free with the purchase of a $9.99 pizza. In earlier ads, Bad Andy frustrated Domino’s pizza makers in a strategy focusing on the care with which the pizza is made. The dough is hand-rolled, so a worker refuses Andy’s offer of a rolling pin. Heat bags are used for delivery, so Andy is scolded for unplugging the heaters.

Sources said officials at Deutsch and the Ann Arbor, Mich., client thought the strategy was on target, but are dissatisfied with Bad Andy’s failure to become as memorable or likable as’s Sock Puppet.

Deutsch denied there was any dissatisfaction with the character, saying more Bad Andy spots are in production and would air in April.

Client officials did not return calls.

One source said the next phase of the work could emphasize Domino’s delivery service. One idea was to show a family lounging at home. When the doorbell rings, someone yells, “Get the door—it’s Domino’s.”

The line could evolve into a new tag or be a running theme in a campaign that would highlight the easygoing relationship between the client and its customers, a source said.

Domino’s reported a 2 percent de-crease in same-store sales for the third quarter, but revenue was up 1 percent in the comparable period the prior year. In addition, Cheryl Bachelder, Domino’s director of marketing who championed Deutsch for the $100 million account in 1999, joined KFC last month.