Destined For Grapeness

Pennebaker.LMC inadvertently found itself in a new endeavor after agreeing to a California client’s compensation offer in an unusual bartering arrangement.
The Houston creative shop accepted 300 bottles of a 1996 vintage as payment from a vintner/attorney who hired it to design vanity wine labels
for his law firm.
Due to Federal alcohol regulations, Pennebaker faced a host of shipping and disbursement rules on on the private label reserve–which is only given to clients and friends, said principal Susan Pennebaker.
More legalese ensued. After agency president Ward Pennebaker challenged staffers to conceive the shop’s own labels, they had to gain approval for any design to meet state and federal wine labeling laws.
Labels that survived the legal gauntlet include: El Ni„o Vi„o, Pennebaker.LMC Celebrates Surviving El Ni„o and A Time to Toast: May the Most You Wish for Be the Least You Get.
–Glen Fest