Della Femina Colors Toshiba’s Gigabeat

NEW YORK Toshiba will try to steal some of iPod’s market share with its new Gigabeat digital audio player, which will be backed by a music-focused TV and print campaign this month.

The campaign plays up the fact that the device’s large screen shows color pictures of album covers and digital photos. The effort, via Della Femina Rothschild Jeary and Partners, New York, conveys the point by evoking colorful band names.

Such bands, including Blues Traveler, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Vendetta Red, will star in the ads playing up the colors in their names. TV ads show live band footage in black and white, then kick into color when zooming in on the group on the Gigabeat screen. The ads will run on Comedy Central, MTV and VH1, among other venues, from April 21 through September.

Print and outdoor ads show Hangman-like dashes where the color of the band’s name should be. One blue billboard says “_ _ _ _ _ Traveler. Because music is just better in color.” The artists then list the type of songs they like to store on their Gigabeat. Blues Traveler will star in supporting radio. Tagline: “Because music is just better in color.”

Toshiba is also holding a launch party at Times Square Studios on April 12 with special musical guests. The product is the first under the Toshiba Gigastyle line of consumer-focused digital audio and video products.

“This is our biggest push for the first half of the year,” said Sophia Dishian, Toshiba advertising manager. “Right now we have the largest screen and it’s full color. It’s a colorful way to put entertainment in someone’s life.”

New executions are being developed for the holiday season.

Ad spending was not disclosed. Toshiba spent $26 million on advertising last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.