Deck the Halls Hires TaylorLaw

Deck the Halls has retained TaylorLaw Advertising to help reposition the company as a framing specialist.

The Dallas agency, pairing with public relations partner BizCom Associates, bested finalists Valentine Radford in Kansas City, Mo., and MacKenzie Communications of San Francisco in a review. Incumbent Fogarty Klein Monroe in Houston did not mount a defense. Billings were not disclosed.

According to client vice president Tony Martinez, the upcoming campaign, which includes the retailer’s first national advertising, reflects a 30 percent increase in the Houston-based company’s marketing budget.

Martinez said TaylorLaw’s retail experience, partners Susan Taylor and Gordon Law, and its proximity to Houston helped clinch the win.

Television ad-vertising, which will launch on syndicated programming in October, will be supported by public relations, direct mail and print work developed for local and regional co-op groups.

The client, which sells art and customized framing, competes locally with independent retailers. Nat-ional craft stores such as Michael’s have entered the market, providing framing at lower prices.