De Beers Rings in Holiday Cheer

On Nov. 16, De Beers’ 2009 holiday push will begin airing nationwide with the spotlight on the new Everlon Diamond Knot Collection, according to JWT, the agency that handles De Beers’ marketing in the United States.

A 30-second spot shows a couple ice-skating, set to a version of Sonny and Cher’s “I’ve Got You Babe” by German duo Night Bird. The woman glides easily around the frozen pond, but the man stumbles and falls on the ice. He eventually makes his way over to the edge of the pond, where he grabs onto a tree branch, admiring his wife’s ease on the ice from afar.

At the end, the woman makes her way across the pond to her husband, where he surprises her with an Everlon diamond ring. Then, it’s she who has trouble staying on her feet. “Now, more than ever, you’re each other’s greatest strength,” says the voiceover, adding, Everlon is “the strength of love, forged in a knot.”

“This commercial creates an incredibly powerful story of the strength of love that will make the Everlon collection resonate with viewers by drawing them into a visually stunning and emotionally poignant moment,” Sally Morrison, interim director in charge of De Beers’ “A diamond is forever” account at JWT.

At the conclusion of the commercial, the Web site address flashes across the screen. The site now includes a number of updates since the collection launched in September, including 360-degree renderings of eight Everlon pieces.

Nielsen Business Media