DDB, Online Unit Come Together in S.F.

SAN FRANCISCO Omnicom Group’s DDB here and online arm Tribal DDB have gone through a dramatic makeover, moving offices from two separate spaces in Union Square to a larger headquarters facility on Market Street, the agency said.

The move, announced in late February, was due to agency growth, said a representative for DDB. The shop has quadrupled in size since opening in 1996, hiring 27 new employees in the past two years, the rep said.

The new space is at 555 Market St. and features large, open community areas; a floating bamboo wall in reception; and a courtyard with a pool table, 50-inch plasma screen TV and a commercial garage door leading to a “brainstorm room.” It also has an upstairs formal lounge and a 10,000 square foot patio.

The managers’ vision for the new office was to design a space that would unify employees, energize them and foster creativity throughout the divisions of the agency, they said.

“We’re not a typical advertising agency and we needed a space that would reflect that,” said Lisa Bennett, the shop’s managing partner and chief creative officer.

Mary Moudry, managing partner and president, said: “This office has a special DNA. People love working together and we wanted to create a space that they would love to work in.”