For DDB and Epson, Seeing Is Believing

LOS ANGELES DDB’s latest campaign for Epson’s Ultra Hi-Definition printers shows dramatic representations of ink drops falling into place, then forming recognizable pictures.

A man picks up the print—a picture of a yellow bikini-clad woman—and gasps “Wow!” The spot ends with the tagline, “Exceed your vision.”

In addition to the 30-second television spot, radio, print and online banner ads are breaking this week.

Mark Monteiro, executive creative director at DDB’s office in Venice, Calif., said the campaign tries to “release pictures from the prison of the camera. Epson is making more consumer-oriented products, moving from the professional, high-end toward consumer.”

Added Monteiro, “The strategy is to challenge all those people who upgraded their cameras to discover what those megapixels really mean.”

Omnicom Group’s DDB has worked on the business for a decade. Spending on the current push was not disclosed.

Monteiro said the work attempts to strike an “artistic tone” that drives the detail because “photography is at the crossroads of art and technology, now more than ever, but more like an iPod than a toaster. There is an emotional connection to photography.”