D.C.’s Pepco Goes Solo In Its First TV Effort

Earle Palmer Brown in Bethesda, Md., is experiencing a significant increase in billings with Pepco here. Two new image spots mark the advent of television advertising for Pepco, which cancelled its merger with fellow utility Baltimore Gas & Electric last month.
Pepco spent less than $1 million last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. A source, however, said that amount could easily triple or quadruple this year as the client repositions itself.
“For several months last year we didn’t do any advertising,” said Pepco ad director Tom Welle. “We were waiting for the merger to take place. Now it’s time for us to get in front of our customers.”
The long-anticipated Pepco- BG&E merger fell apart late last year after the public utility commissions involved called for regulatory conditions on the partnership which the two parties could not abide.
The two commercials currently airing here drive home Pepco’s position in the community. One spot asks, “Who embraces your children in a warm glow?” while panning to kids eating their lunch in a well-lit environment. The camera then jumps to D.C.’s underground Metro system and asks, “Who moves us toward the 21st century?”
A second spot directs similar questions to businesses, reminding hospitals and newspapers that Pepco’s power keeps everything from surgery to press runs humming along. “The spots show how Pepco provides customer solutions,” said Michael Rowland, general manager of EPB. “Both spots are set to a powerful musical anthem, as they depict everyday local situations which have been enhanced by Pepco solutions.”
The campaign tag is: “We’re connected to you by more than power lines.” TV is supported by radio and print. New and existing spots will appear throughout the year, said Welle.
Individual credits go to the agency team of creative director Tom DiJulio, producer Donna Ventrice, copywriter Pete Heid and art director Mark Allen.