David Vs. Godzilla

New York boutique DiMassimo has drawn the ire of Tri-Star Pictures with a spoof of the studio’s promotional ad campaign for “Godzilla” and its tagline, “Size does matter.”
In a print and outdoor campaign for the Rex PC Companion by Franklin Electronic Publishers, DiMassimo touts the convenience and practicality of this small, handheld electronic item by poking fun at the unruly lizard.
On Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip at Laurel Canyon, one 18-foot-by-48-foot billboard (shown here) screams Rex is “3,000,000 times smaller than the hype,” and uses the same “Size does matter” tagline.
In an angry letter to Franklin, Tri-Star demanded the company “cease and desist” with the campaign, according to sources.
The letter indicated Tri-Star’s application for a registered trademark for the “Size does matter” line was pending.
The campaign, which broke in Time on June 1, is slated to run its course in July.
Mark DiMassimo, chief executive at the agency, responded: “The consumer has a sense of humor. Shouldn’t we all?”
Tri-Star did not return calls at press time. –Hank Kim