That Dastardly Dirigible

Shoptalk loves blimps because they seem not to fly so much as lurk. That’s why this photograph of PepsiCo’s Aquafina blimp taunting the Atlanta headquarters of Coca-Cola is such a keeper.

Pepsi, based in Purchase, N.Y., held its Aquafina Pure Luck summer promotion, which includes the On the Bricks concert series, in its chief rival’s hometown of Atlanta on July 10. The frisky blimp crew couldn’t resist the opportunity to drift innocently past Coke HQ. “We thought we’d do a quick flyby and see if we spotted anyone in the building with an Aquafina,” says Pepsi rep Bart Casabona.

Everyone knows Coke’s water brand is Dasani! Did riled Coke staffers try to lob a bottle or two at the offending beast? Casabona assures us no ill-advised attacks were made on the blimp. Still, Coke rep Susan McDermott says employees in the building were well aware of the monstrosity with the blue-and-white Aquafina logo hovering over them. OK, so did anyone even suggest taking a potshot at the big blue interloper? “We saw it and we had a good laugh,” is all McDermott would say.