Overall Billings Growth: Down 1.7% to $1.93 billion: (grade D)
Clients Lost: Marine Midland, KGF’s Louis Rich, Chi-Chi’s: (grade D+)
New Clients: AmEx Moneygram, Alitalia, Citizen Watch: (grade C-)
Growth From Current Clients: Down 1.3%, or $25 million: (grade D)
Creativity: Burger King work was a big hit and solved a knotty problem with a major client. Agency working on big new campaign now for Bud: (grade B-)
Management Savvy: Key hires such as Richard Hopple and Martin Grant seem to have turned around a precarious situation with Kraft General Foods: (grade B-)
Teacher’s Comments: Agency continues to do solid work for blue-chip clients like P&G, Bud and GM. The GM Gold MasterCard win several weeks ago could presage a strong 1993.
Overall Grade: C
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