Dairy Queen Sponsors Dodge Truck Giveaway

DALLAS The Loomis Agency has launched a fall promotion for Dairy Queen that will award a Lone Star Edition Ram 1500 series Dodge truck to one winner, the agency said.

The Dallas shop’s “Peel Away Giveaway” will begin this week and run exclusively in Texas through Dec. 31. Supported by aggressive media spending in 20 markets, the on-cup tear-off promotion will award 1.5 million food prizes, with one person winning the truck.

“We’re spending a little more than $1 million on a schedule that includes TV, radio and [run-of-press] newspaper,” said Leslie Czarnecky, Loomis management supervisor. “The goal is to drive trial and repeat by making everyone a winner with instantly redeemable coupons on the cups for all kinds of food prizes, in addition to the chance to win a new Dodge truck.”

Ten DQ customers will win a trip to the University Interscholastic League high school boy’s basketball championships in Austin, Texas, March 10-12, where each person will receive a key to a Dodge truck. The person with the key that starts the truck will win it, Czarnecky said.

Food prizes include five-ounce cones, 32-ounce soft drinks, 44-ounce “Texas Size” beverages, 16-ounce Blizzards and Hungr-Buster hamburgers.

Loomis has represented the Texas Dairy Queen Operator’s Council since 2002. DQ’s 585 restaurants will run the “Peel Away Giveaway” promotion.