Dailey Set to Promote National Geographic Films

Two years after acquiring a pair of companies that focus on theatrical marketing, Dailey & Associates has landed the type of client those deals were intended to attract.

The National Geographic Society’s theatrical arm, Destination Cinema, has hired Dailey to create the promotional materials used for large-format theatrical films, beginning with the April release of Lewis & Clark, The Great Journey West.

Dailey, based in West Hollywood, Calif., will call on its Kaleidoscope Films division for theatrical trailers and its Graphic Orb division for print ads and collateral material.

The ad effort will focus on the 177 large-format theaters in the U.S. The account, which includes creative and media, is budgeted at approximately $6 million.

“This is a good example of why we added Kaleidoscope and Graphic Orb,” said Dailey president Brian Morris. “It provides clients with one-stop shopping for their needs in this area. I don’t think the movie ad business has been fully embraced by the ad industry.”

Bob Perkins, COO of Destination Cinema, said he was lured to Dailey by the shop’s theatrical-marketing facilities. “Everything we were looking for, they had it in spades,” he said. He said the company had previously worked with a number of shops, including Karsh & Hagan in Denver.

Destination’s director of film marketing, Max Danielson, said the company’s format and distribution model presents unique concerns. The films, which are each about 43 minutes long, are leased for a set fee rather than the revenue split common with traditional feature films. In addition, they do not open uniformly among theaters and can sometimes play for a year or more.

“Dailey was a good choice for us because they have the experience making trailers and they understood our unique needs,” said Danielson.

Other films produced by National Geographic set for release in the coming months include Roar: The Lions of the Kalahari and A Celebration of Flight.