Dailey Crafts Message for Artists Against Piracy

Joining the often-bitter debate over online music-swapping services such as Napster, Artists Against Piracy is launching a $4 million national ad campaign from Dailey & Associates designed to tug at the heartstrings of music fans.

A 30-second TV spot broke nationally last week on networks including MTV. Print work, slated to run in titles such as Rolling Stone, Vibe and Spin, will launch in November and December. The client is an artist-driven coalition created to give artists a voice in determining how their music is presented, marketed and distributed on the Internet.

“Online music—the rights of artists and the rights of fans—is such a divisive issue,” said Bill Waldner, creative director at the West Hollywood, Calif., agency. “It’s a very passionate debate. We were trying to do something that wasn’t divisive.”

To avoid adding fuel to the fire, the campaign addresses the issue in a general way, without featuring specific musicians. The TV spot features guitar strumming as the words “practice,” “dedication,” “creation” and “copyright” flash onscreen in rapid succession. The print work uses the same words against dark orange, green and blue backdrops.

Dailey is also handling a national cable and Internet campaign as well as a guerrilla marketing effort that will focus on bars. The work is intended to draw dedicated music fans—especially teens and young adults—to www.artistsagainstpiracy.com.

Dailey also handles media on the account, which is valued at about $12 million annually. The creative team also included creative/art director Mark Rouse and associate creative director/writer Jeff Repetto.