Cyrix Awards Global Branding Work To GMO

Computer chip maker Cyrix Corp. has awarded an estimated $10-15 million global branding assignment to Goldberg Moser O’Neill here. The agency, which handled the business several years ago, will be responsible for print, broadcast and collateral creative development and media buying.
Cyrix, which competes directly with former GMO client Intel Corp., is a division of National Semiconductor Corp. The two companies officially merged last month, and as a result, GMO’s chairman and chief executive officer Fred Goldberg said he is optimistic that the Cyrix assignment will turn into something “really big” for the shop. Priscaro & Hukari in San Mateo, Calif., is the lead agency for National Semiconductor.
“Cyrix’s record growth, coupled with the recent merger, has created a great opportunity for Cyrix to be a viable technology force,” Goldberg said. “We are excited to partner with Cyrix in their effort to bolster their competitive edge through advertising.”
Steve Tobak, vice president of corporate marketing for Richardson, Texas-based Cyrix, said, “We look forward to developing breakthrough advertising [with GMO].”
GMO was awarded the business without a review. EvansGroup Technology in Salt Lake City has been handling creative work for Cyrix on a project basis since 1995, when GMO and Cyrix split due to conflicts. Mike Massaro, the agency’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, said, “We are essentially reuniting with them for this global assignment.”
The win marks GMO’s second global assignment in recent weeks. The agency landed its first international assignment from Coca-Cola last month, winning ad duties for the South American launch of a new guarana fruit-based drink called Kuat. The shop also is waiting for a decision in the review for client Dell Computer’s estimated $70 million global branding assignment. GMO currently handles Dell’s $40-60 domestic ad account.