On a Cyber-Collar Job

CareerShop.com Employs JWT Specialized
DALLAS–JWT Specialized Communications has landed the $1-3 million assignment of a two-year-old Internet employment site that is planning a major expansion this year.
The agency network’s Houston office will take the lead for the Orlando, Fla.-based CareerShop. com. Business-to-business assignments will double in the next year if the company completes up to seven expected acquisitions of other job placement Web sites and fulfills plans to go public.
JWTSC’s business-to-business unit will provide two of its specialities of the house: Web branding and recruitment advertising.
“After meeting and speaking with a lot of agencies, they seemed to be far more polished” than other undisclosed contenders for the account, according to Tracy McCoy, client vice president of marketing and sales.
“We’re going to do a national effort . . . and we’re going to use everything: broadcast, Internet, [and] trade publications,” said Ron Jenkins, managing partner of JWTSC’s Southwest operations.
The agency has already produced an ad for placement in business publications.
Trade publication ads, public relations and event sponsorships will be targeted at employers, while consumer print and broadcast work will be aimed at potential employees.
One of the company’s chief obstacles is to overcome the heightened brand awareness of rivals such as Monster.com and HotJobs.com. Each of those on-line job venues made a big splash via expensive Super Bowl ad placements in January.