Customer worship

For Carlson Marketing Group’s Dick Dunn, relationship marketing is a religious experience.
As part of the agency’s Innovation Day, Dunn, vice president of business development, donned an undersized robe and shawl as the Reverend Dicky Ray Dunn to deliver the 10 commandments of new business, including “Thou shalt make holy thy customer.”
“When you’re in new business development, you’re used to being in front of a crowd and embarrassing yourself,” Dunn said of his performance.
The day, however, was no joke. The Minneapolis-based loyalty marketing agency wanted to stress the importance of innovation and creativity in everyday business. To foster such creativity, each department demonstrated through a skit how it has helped a client. The agency also enlisted an improvisational acting troupe to teach the importance of agreement, rather than contradiction, in building ideas.
“The idea was to demonstrate what you’ve done for a client without using a ‘PowerPoint’ presentation,” said Dunn.
–Aaron Baa