CSX “Tracks”

With the post-industrial economy having screwed up so royally, Americans are disposed to think well of the pre-post-industrial economy, in which farms and factories actually produce things and send them to market. This spot for the CSX railroad taps into that sentiment while making the case that “freight trains are part of the economy” right now. The visual ploy here is to display parallel lines of things — rows of bottles on a store shelf, rows of plants in a farm field, rows of keys on a computer keyboard, etc. — as a railroad-noise soundtrack prompts us to see them as analogous to train tracks. While this underscores the point that freight trains are an integral part of the whole economy, it’s not very exciting to watch. When the voiceover says, “By getting goods to market efficiently, CSX is helping move the economy forward,” one takes this as a reasonable point — but, again, not an arresting one. The spot is pleasant enough, but seems eminently forgettable. –Mark Dolliver