Cronin Plays Lottery Favorites

Cronin & Co. celebrates players’ favorite scratch games in its latest television push for the Connecticut Lottery.

One 30-second commercial, “The Amazing Clark,” features a convenience store clerk who selects the perfect scratch game for each customer. The spot opens with Clark staring intently at an elderly woman. After a few seconds rubbing his chin, he exclaims, “Stud Poker!” and hands the woman her ticket. He then sizes up customers in the snack aisle, atthe coffee station and elsewhere in the store before matching each with a different game. Mega Money, Bingo and Cashword are among his predictions.

“Connecticut’s favorite scratch games,” a voiceover says as the lottery’s logo appears onscreen. “With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.”

The ad ends with the clerk meeting a character who resembles Elton John’s Pinball Wizard from the rock opera Tommy. Even though Pinball Wizard is one of the lottery’s most popular games, the clerk is stumped on this customer’s scratch card of choice.

The idea, according to Cronin executive creative director Steve Wolfberg, is to simply add a humorous twist to the campaign.

The longtime tagline, “Is this fun or what?” continues in the spot and similarly themed radio and point-of-purchase executions.

The new work represents a change in direction for the client, which of late has relied on music to promote the fun and excitement of playing the lottery. One 2001 spot featured the Louis Prima classic, “When You’re Smiling,” while showing people enjoying various attractions around the state.

“For everyone out there, there’s a lottery game,” said Wolfberg. “This campaign is more about the personalities [of the players], but still with the message of the fun of playing the games.”

The client spent more than $2 mil-lion on ads last year and $1 million in the first half of 2002, per CMR. Cronin first began working for the lottery 12 years ago.