CRN, Sara Lee in Radio Push for Sandwiches

NEW YORK Now that the low-carb craze has waned and it’s safe for consumers to like bread again, Sara Lee will try to entice people to eat more sandwiches this summer.

The company, which is interested in boosting sales of its breads, meats and cheeses, will remind the public that August is National Sandwich Month as it rolls out a “Sensational Deli Sandwich” contest.

A radio push breaking this week, via CRN in Hamden, Conn., invites consumers to submit favorite sandwich recipes that contain Sara Lee branded meats or cheeses for a chance to win $5,000 in cash.

The underlying message of the campaign: “Sara Lee can provide you, the food connoisseur, with solutions that address variety so you can create meal options that are full of creative flavor and boldness,” said Sara Lee marketing director Russell Mackey.

Sara Lee offers more than 50 varieties of cheeses, plus an array of ham, pork, beef, poultry, sausages and mustards which are sold in supermarket deli counters.

Freestanding inserts, retailer-specific incentives and public relations support the promotion that runs July 18-Sept. 4. The target: high-income adults ages 25-64.

“This campaign works so well because radio is relevant and timely, and is a really authentic venue for integrating the brand into the content of the broadcast,” said Steve Wakeen, vp of strategy and development at CRN. Tagged “The sensational deli sandwich,” ads directs listeners to www.sara to submit recipes.