Crispin’s ‘Bag Job’ for Virgin Airways

NEW YORK New work in Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s ongoing campaign for Virgin Atlantic Airways puts the least appetizing symbol of air travel—the flight sickness bag—on prominent display.

Wild postings went up last week in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. They feature roughly three-foot-tall bags and carry dense text messages that point out many of the negative changes that airlines have instituted to cut costs, such as charging for in-flight movie headphones and for meals that used to be included for free.

The barf bags tout Virgin’s complimentary cocktails, personal televisions, meals with utensils and its business class section, known as Upper Class, which includes a free onboard masseuse and beds.

The campaign places advertising in unusual places, such as on dry cleaning bags and in the personals sections of newspapers. There are also more traditional elements such as out-of-home signage.

“The ads in the personals sections are almost like personal ads. They’re a parody of the suspect ads in the back of free newspapers,” said Bill Wright, vp, cd at Crispin, an MDC Partners shop based in Miami.

While the campaign is for both economy and business class, there is an emphasis on the Upper Class service, which is designed for the business traveler.

“Every time you read about businesspeople, it’s in a negative sense like corruption or insider trading. But we see ourselves as sort of cheering on businesspeople,” said Wright.