CRIME: Having a smug guy portray your product and

CRIME: Having a smug guy portray your product and a fun guy portray the competition’s. EVIDENCE: Poor Justin Long. The Mac from the “Get a Mac” ads got lots of grief this year. Depending on who you talked to, he was either “a smug little twit” (Slate), “an arrogant prick” (TUAW) or “someone who might hit you up for change on the sidewalk” (Valleywag). It doesn’t help that he has to stand next to John Hodgman, the likable Daily Show genius who plays the PC. Still, despite his questionable value to Apple and recent rumors that he’d been fired, Long popped up in the company’s new holiday ads. Apparently the producers of Dodgeball 2 will just have to wait. READERS’ VERDICT: “Does anyone else sense an uncomfortable sexual tension between the two characters?” “Yes, I do. … Strangely enough, it seems to be young Justin Long who’s hot for middle-aged John Hodgman. I see a marriage here in Mass., followed by the inevitable celebrity divorce. But only after going to Africa to adopt a baby, who they’ll name (naturally) Apple.”