CRIME: Destroying the word “viral.” EVIDENCE: “If

CRIME: Destroying the word “viral.” EVIDENCE: “If we roll, we roll big.” With those words, and a fist bump, began its video pitch to Subway. The ensuing nine-minute piece, for anyone who sat through it (and who will never get those nine minutes back), was oppressively boring: brainstorming sessions, market research, office banter. Nothing to write home about—except it was labeled “viral.” After 100 comments from AdFreak readers explaining why it wasn’t viral, the agency said that proved it was—and that it intended to spark the debate all along. Someone even made “If we roll, we roll big” T-shirts. didn’t win the business, but they’ll always have the memories. READERS’ VERDICT: “[The video] is pretty bad. But anyone who’s coming on here and getting all upset about it is roughly a million times more sad than this video could ever aspire to be.” “I can’t wait to show this to my mom. I’m sure she’ll forward it on to my uncle, because they are such huge interactive advertising fans.”