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Then and NowAd Council Comes Full Circle

The Ad Council was founded as the War Advertising Council shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II. The organization that created Rosie the Riveter and the slogan “Loose lips sink ships,” among others, is turning its attention to America’s current crisis.

Laura Bush is the first spokes person to appear in Ad Council commercials responding to the terrorist attacks. In a spot filmed in the White House by McCann-Erickson in New York, the first lady en courages parents to discuss the events with their children. Another spot, by GSD&M in Austin, Texas, focuses on diversity, with citizens of different backgrounds declaring, “I am an American.”

Signs of the Times

NEW YORK—Amid the outpouring of grief and support in the media following the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington is a simple black-and-white campaign that originated with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

The OAAA’s national convention was one of many events that took a back seat to the devastation of Sept. 11. But the organization’s staff, gathered at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square, wanted to do something in response. They developed the PSA that day and made it available to the OAAA’s 11,00-plus members, many of which produced it immediately.

“The response has been amazing,” says Diane Cimine, OAAA’s executive vice president of marketing. By the following day, NGN had put the ad on a digital screen in the McDonald’s in Times Square, part of NGN’s network of convenience stores and restaurants. Others followed, including three of the country’s largest outdoor advertising companies. JCDecaux, for example, put up the ad in 300 malls around the U.S.

The message has been displayed on more than 1,000 faces. In some markets, companies altered the basic format. One added a U.S. flag, for example, while others changed the text. “Even if they don’t like it as is, they’re taking the spirit of the message and using it in a way that will be meaningful in their markets,” Cimine says. One Canadian company displayed the words, “United with our neighbors. God bless America.”

Signs of the Times Buddy Lee Gives to the Cause Clam Man, Bring Me a Dream Events Fund for Producer’s Daughter

Buddy Lee Gives to the Cause

In times like these, fictional heroes pale in comparison to the real ones. In a new spot from Fallon, Lee Jeans icon Buddy Lee is no longer fighting villains, he’s giving blood and encouraging people to contribute to the Red Cross. The spot depicts Buddy in a field, wearing an “I gave” button and a bandage on his arm. It is intended to appeal to Buddy’s core youthful audience, showing how they can help, says agency president and executive creative director David Lubars. “It was a way to send a powerful message with the thing that attracted people to us in the first place,” he says. “There’s a new context in the world, and Lee wants to send a positive help message in that new context.”

Clam Man, Bring Me a Dream

A spot that broke last week for provides some comic relief courtesy of Arnold and director Kinka Usher (Mystery Men). A man who’s naked save for two oversized clam shells frolics in a cocktail lounge’s fish tank. A voiceover introduces him as, “Gordon … an actor in a clam suit” and explains that Gordon is content because he’s “paid rather handsomely and need only swim merrily about.” Chosen both for his ability to hold his breath and to look good in a clam suit, a stuntman portrays the actor. Usher directed the spot on a Los Angeles movie set where a million-gallon tank was built. The voice over ultimately asks, “But could he not do better?”—thus making’s point, says Pete Favat, creative director at Arnold.


The American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Creative Conference will proceed as planned on Oct. 17–19. … Adweek’s Creative Conference has been rescheduled for Nov. 29–30. … The Art Directors Club in New York has postponed its Kate Spade and Andy Spade Speakers Series until Dec. 5. Also, its Hall of Fame dinner is postponed until next year; a date has not been deter mined. … The One Club in New York will hold a portfolio review and a Mad Dogs & Englishmen Retrospective exhibit in October and a Women in Advertising exhibit in No vem ber. Specific dates are still to be determined. … The Advertising Women of New York’s Good Bad and Ugly Awards will take place on Jan. 29.

Fund for Producer’s Daughter

A fund has been established for the 8-year-old daughter of freelance agency producer Bill Weems, who died on United Flight 175. Donations, payable to Salomon Smith Barney for the benefit of Zoe Weems, can be sent to Salomon Smith Barney, 666 5th Ave., New York, NY 10103-0110.