CP+B Spot Sells Mini DVD on Web

NEW YORK Crispin Porter + Bogusky has the world on the lookout for counterfeit Mini Coopers via a TV spot, Web site and a DVD for sale.

The 60-second spot, which launched Feb. 14, humorously warns people that counterfeit Mini cars are surfacing around the world and explains how to distinguish them from authentic models. The ad offers a DVD from the Counter Counterfeit Commission for $19.99 that details the problem and how to avoid being fooled.

The spot begins with what appears to be hidden-camera footage of counterfeit watches and sunglasses being sold on the streets of Rio de Janeiro before showing a large car with racing stripes that a voiceover identifies as an imposter. It continues with comparisons between the performances of a real Mini and a fake. In one scene, a counterfeit Mini erupts into flames.

The campaign is supported with a Web site, www.counterfeitmini.org, which shows confiscated fakes and offers a victim-support network. The DVD is available through the Internet venue.

The strategy of the campaign is simple, said Alex Bogusky, a principal at CP+B in Miami and executive creative director for the campaign. The ad and Web site emphasize the signature elements of the Mini, such as its compact size, stripes and roof graphics, in a way that entertains and engages people, Bogusky said, and encourages them to buy the DVD to see more of the campaign.

“You can’t just push things into enough eyeballs anymore,” he said. “It has to be so much fun that its worth their time, that you’ve entertained them and taught them about the product at the same time.”

The spot was shot in Rio and directed by Bryan Buckley, who has worked with CP+B on Ikea and other Mini spots. Bogusky said he chose Buckley because he was willing to shoot footage for the ad, the Web site, the DVD and brochures, something many directors are not willing to do.

“Bryan likes that,” Bogusky said. “It’s not a hardship for him, it’s an opportunity.”

What’s next from CP+B for Mini?

“We are going to play around with more direct-response TV,” Bogusky said.

CP+B would not disclose sales figures for the DVD.