Cox Cable Offers Friendship in Latest Doner Ads

Doner is changing its approach for Cox Communications from humorous to heartfelt in a campaign that breaks this week.

The campaign intro duces the tagline, “Your friend in the digital age.” Doner’s last work for the client, which broke nearly a year ago, did not include a tagline and focused more on the company’s products, said John Sloan, executive vp and account management director at the Southfield, Mich., agency.

The new spots focus on service and attempt to highlight ways the company purports to offer better technology.

“The new positioning defines what makes Cox different,” said Joe Rooney, Cox senior vp of marketing, in a statement.

The TV portion includes a 60-second ad and five 30-second spots. Breaking May 22, they will air in the 20 states served by Cox Communications’ cable systems. Print will appear in local magazines.

Sloan declined to reveal spending, but the account is estimated at about $20 million. Cox has approximately 6.3 million customers.

The commercials feature a montage of images, such as people playing football, teenage girls e-mailing one another and a group of children using the high-speed Internet service in their school. As the spot progresses, Cox employees are seen interacting with customers and helping out. The voiceover says, “Bringing friends toget h er is one of the ways digital technology makes our lives a little better. And you can count on us to help make it all possible.”

The spot ends with the Cox logo and the voiceover, “Cox Communications. Your friend in the digital age.”