The artistic designs of Young & Laramore’s two executive creative directors are now on permanent display in the Hoosier State.

Over the last couple of years, Jeff Laramore and David Young designed 92 pieces of art, and they are now on display at the Indiana State Museum, which opened last week.

The pieces, which are carved into the museum’s exterior and walkway, represent each of Indiana’s 92 counties.

“They are literally in the wall, on the ground, and there are some free-standing sculptures,” said Paul Knapp, president of the Indianapolis shop.

Young and Laramore spent months gathering historic information about each county to come up with the designs. The research yielded some diverse results, Knapp said.

Benton County, for example, is represented by a bronze-rod sculpture of legendary local harness-racing horse Dan Patch. For Dubois County, which is known for its fine furniture and eggs, a carved limestone dresser with egg-shaped drawer pulls was crafted.

The project was executed by 2nd Globe Sculptures, a division of Y&L. The museum’s architect, Bill Browne, was familiar with 2nd Global’s work and approached Y&L about the project.