Corona “Kite”

The tropical lagoon in advertising for Corona beer is usually an Eden unto itself, far from the cares of the workaday world. Every now and then, though, the spots make reference to the hubbub of normal life, if only to emphasize how a six pack of Corona can give you the sensation of stepping away from it. That’s what we find in this spot. Corona’s current agency, Cramer-Krasselt, has slightly updated a commercial created in the early 1990s by the brand’s then-agency Campbell Mithun. (Marshall Ross, who’s now C-K’s chief creative officer, wrote the original spot while working at Campbell Mithun then.) It’s hard not to smile when the camera pulls back from a close-up of a newspaper’s financial page to show that the paper has been fashioned into a kite and is now flying lazily above the iconic lagoon. By acknowledging the economy’s travails, Corona displays its empathy for those of us who are not hanging out in such a paradise. That is, the brand doesn’t seem oblivious to what viewers are going through in the real world. But the spot implicitly raises the possibility that we can rise above such worries, at least for the time it takes to drink a beer or two. Meanwhile, viewers who recall having seen essentially the same spot in the 1990s may feel that Corona itself is being prudently frugal as it recycles an old commercial rather than cooking up a new one from scratch. (Another recycled spot shows someone skipping stones across the lagoon, and then skipping his mobile phone into the water as well when it starts sounding off.) And, if their eyes are sharp, they’ll enjoy spotting the headline on the kite’s financial news that says, “Corona Brings Classics Back to Television.” –Mark Dolliver