Corona Brings Life to the Beach

NEW YORK If you’ve ever wondered about the origin of the idyllic beach shown in countless Corona Extra ads, a new spot for the beer from Chicago-based Cramer-Krasselt provides a vivid explanation.

Launched on Sunday night’s season finale of Survivor: Fiji, the spot shows what may be the creation of the iconic island.

The action begins with an underwater volcanic explosion that shoots a seed high into the air. The eruption leaves a mass of black land above the water, where the seed takes root and sprouts into a palm tree. One tree begets many: Soon, the formerly desolate tract is transformed into the beach familiar to viewers of Corona spots.

The camera pulls back to reveal a man and woman sitting on beach chairs, enjoying Coronas, gazing out onto the placid sea.

The 60-second spot will be cut down to a 30-second version, which will be broadcast throughout the summer.

“People constantly ask us where this beach is, and now they have a possible answer,” said Peter Krivkovich, president and CEO of C-K.

Corona Extra has been using a variation of the beach in its TV work since 1988. “It’s unusual for a beer brand, since they seem to change [tactics] so often,” said Bill Ligas, a client representative. “Consumers told us how much they liked the beach and we’ve remained true to that.”