Copywriter’s Radio Revenge

A former employee of Houston Herstek Favat here has cast creative director Rich Herstek as a cackling psychopath in a radio spot for Cellular One of Vermont.
The 60-second commercial is part of a new broadcast and print advertising effort from KSV, formerly KSV Communicators, in Burlington, Vt., for client Cellular One.
The campaign was written by Buffy McCoy, who worked for Herstek for a couple of years at Houston Herstek Favat before being laid off this summer after the Boston agency lost several accounts.
McCoy wrote the part of the psychopath especially for her former boss, she said.
“It was my little bit of revenge . . . to have Rich in the [recording] booth and not be able to change one word I’d written,” McCoy said.
In the radio spot, Herstek delivers a genuinely unhinged aural performance as a highway stalker on the prowl. Snarling his lines, Herstek explains that a cellular telephone is a better gift for a father to give his daughter than a pair of diamond earrings. “I think that’s her up ahead. Looks like car trouble,” he says, laughing maniacally.
Herstek provided the voiceover as a favor to McCoy. Though he declined to reveal exactly how much he was paid, the agency principal said he worked for scale.
“Sometimes when you’re writing a radio spot, it helps to have a character in mind,” Herstek said. “It makes me wonder what she really thinks of me.”
Herstek has done other commercial voiceover work, including parts in Converse’s “Hardball” campaign as well as videos for the North Reading, Mass.-based sneaker company’s sales meetings.
The Cellular One radio effort is running through year’s end in Vermont and New Hampshire markets as well as parts of Massachusetts and New York.