Converse to ‘Shine’ in Upcoming Ad Return

BOSTON – “Shine” is the new positioning that will grace an upcoming effort to reintroduce athletic footwear and apparel company Converse to consumers 12-22 years old.

The positioning will be formally “unveiled” by the company on Friday at a press conference at the Circa restaurant in Philadelphia.

A print campaign using the “Shine” theme, crafted by Boston’s Modernista!, will break in late-winter issues of mainstream and sports magazines. Spending is estimated at $5-10 million initially. Modernista! referred questions to Converse marketing and communications director Cheryl McCants, who declined to disclose the specific content of upcoming ads. The line “Shine” currently fronts the Converse Web site along with frequently changing images of young people holding Converse basketballs.

Converse last advertised two years ago through a six-figure print campaign from Pyro Brand Development. Modernista! was hired by North Reading, Mass.-based Converse in October. The company was purchased in mid-2001 during Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Footwear Acquisition and is now led by CEO Jack Boys, former head of worldwide marketing for The North Face.