Concept Farm Touts A&E Overseas

NEW YORK A&E Television Networks has launched a branding campaign intended to cross-promote the History Channel internationally on foreign TV.

The History Channel, which is viewed as individual channels and blocks of branded airtime, is broadcast in 70 countries, including newly launched channels in Thailand and Italy. A five-spot campaign by the Concept Farm in New York aims to transcend language barriers by setting montages of historical footage to original scores.

“Because the spots air internationally, they can’t rely on graphics” because those graphics must be translated many times over, said Will Morrison, a Concept Farm creative director. “That’s why we used music. It’s got to work well around the world, and everybody understands music.”

In one spot, an Eastern score sets the tone for a montage of Mahatma Ghandi’s peaceful protests of the British occupation of India. In another, publicity shots of Argentina’s most beloved first lady, Eva Peron, as a radio actress are spliced among footage of her delivering speeches to devoted crowds. These images are backed by a Latin American beat. Another ad, dubbed “Invention,” cuts together footage of computer chips, light bulbs, telephone switchboards and satellites. Others depict the Renaissance and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall.

The work is the fourth campaign by the Concept Farm for AETN, said Morrison. “In Case You Missed It,” a project that began airing in 2002, won gold One Show and Andy Awards.

Campaign spending was not disclosed. Dawn Berkowitz-Aden, creative director of on-air and branding for AETN, added that the work is provided to the international networks that present History Channel programming to use as they deem appropriate. The work might be used for cross-promotion or to fill promotional airtime on the station where the programming airs.