Colle+McVoy fuses Twitter, augmented reality


Twitter and augmented reality are both pretty hot topics, though separate ones, in marketing these days. Now, Minneapolis agency Colle+McVoy is hoping for a little peanut-butter-and-chocolate action by combining them for Advertising Week. An ad in the Advertising Week guide directs readers to By holding the ad up to your webcam, you can conjure two cityscapes: With the page right-side up, you see Minneapolis; turning it upside down reveals New York. In each case, you can see Tweets floating around the skyline. The Minneapolis page collects Tweets about Colle+McVoy itself. The NYC page gathers Tweets about Advertising Week. Like a lot of augmented-reality marketing (and Twitter marketing, for that matter), this effort doesn't bring a whole lot of value. In a way, it feels almost like a sarcastic commentary on the herd mentality in advertising. We're still waiting on that big augmented-reality campaign that steps beyond the novelty phase.

—Posted by Tim Nudd